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The Perfect Wagyu Steak… at home!

28th February /

Steak is one of those things that seems to both unite and divide. Millions love it, but all have a very definitive opinion on their own personal ‘perfect steak’, including cooking preference and accompaniments. But one thing’s for sure; restaurant quality steak isn’t found on the supermarket shelf.

For us, as advocates of Wagyu beef – our perfect steak starts its life at the very beginning of The Yorkshire Process; alongside farmers we know personally, in lush pastures as part of one of the largest Wagyu herds in Yorkshire. Always hand selected, our steaks are aged for up to 28 days before being precision trimmed and cooked to perfection at 480°C over our Josper Grill before meeting your plate.

The Yorkshire Process embodies pure decadence alongside a passion for animal welfare and an uncomparable cooking environment, which combine to execute the best tasting steak you’ll ever try… but we know most don’t have a restaurant standard kitchen at home.

So what are our fundamental tips for cooking the perfect Wagyu steak, when you can’t get your hands on a professional chef and kitchen?

Let the Wagyu relax
Just as you may enjoy a massage in a warm room, your steak will love you for it too. Allowing your meat to rest and relax out of the fridge for an hour or so prior to cooking helps to tenderise the meat prior to the cooking process, and helps the steak to cook more evenly and quickly.

Season… well!
Don’t be afraid of the salt and pepper pot. Season your steak on both sides prior to any cooking, this makes for a mouthwatering caramelised crust to the steak once seared.

Sear the surface
Don’t forget, searing and cooking are two totally different kettles of fish! Searing the surface of the steak in a preheated hot pan acts as a barrier and allows the meat to retain moisture during the rest of the cooking process. The intense marbling in Wagyu beef when combined with the heat and seasoning in the previous step allows for an intensely flavoursome crust.

Turn it down
Once the meat is seared, it’s time to turn things down a notch. The next step is to switch to a lower heat to finish the cooking process, either in the pan or by transferring to a moderate oven. Use a meat thermometer to determine ‘doneness*’ and cook yours just to your liking (although we’d never suggest anything above medium).

And… rest!

This point really is non-negotiable; even when enjoying in the comfort of your humble abode. Take the steak off the heat when its temperature reads just a few degrees below your desired doneness temperature, and rest in a warm place for at least 5 minutes. Allowing your steak to rest allows the juices to evenly distribute and the meat to tenderise further. Resting in a warm place or in foil will slowly continue the cooking process for those final few degrees to perfection prior to serving.

As with any quality ingredient, simplicity is key – and the excellence of Wagyu beef certainly does speak for itself. If you’re not ready to tackle your own at home just yet, or fancy a break from the kitchen – allow our chefs to take care of everything for you in the luxury of our restaurant. Our passion for The Yorkshire Process and Wagyu is at the heart of everything we do, and for those yet to try it – we’re sure you’ll be converted too,

If you’d like to find out more about The Yorkshire Process, take a look here.

*doneness temperature dependant on steak thickness

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