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Our favourite drink trends for 2017

30th June /

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic mojito in the sunshine, or an after dinner single malt, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different this summer; here are our favourite drinks trends for 2017.

Breakfast for dinner

Now, this isn’t quite the same as having bacon and eggs at 7pm (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!), but we’ve noticed some traditional morning tipples transitioning their way from AM to PM. Whether you’re a fan of an early morning espresso, or prefer to start the day with a spicy Bloody Mary, these famous drinks are definitely no longer exclusive to breakfast time.

The Espresso Martini has continued to grow in popularity over the last couple of years, both as a stand alone cocktail and as a dessert-cocktail-after-dinner hybrid. With more recent adaptations such as the Mocha Martini, Caramel Latte Martini and our very own Baileys Espresso Martini joining the list, these variations on your morning ‘pick-me-up’ are perfect for warm summer evenings… just think of it as your favourite post dinner liqueur coffee, without the heat!

Your Saturday morning favourite: the Bloody Mary, has also seen a rise in popularity post breakfast. Not only is the traditional tipple making a much welcomed comeback on drinks menus up and down the UK (we take ours extra spicy) – it’s often joined by sister drinks, such as the Bloody Maria (which uses tequila as opposed to vodka) and the Bloody Pirate (which uses dark, spiced rum).

Clean drinking

The rise in popularity of the health and wellbeing industries over recent years no longer just covers rising numbers at the gym or the queue at your local health food store, your post-work Friday night out is also ‘under the influence’. Despite the presence of some alcohol, consumers are opting for more health conscious drink choices, with an emphasis on fresh, homegrown or homemade ingredients and garnishes, and a reduction in added sugar and ‘diet’, chemical induced soft drinks.

Local and seasonal produce also play their part, as consumers and companies alike continue to think more about the distance their ingredients travel to each glass.

Sensory drinking

Sensory drinking goes way beyond the mere taste and texture of a drink, and begins to look at how the other sensors can complement and enhance the taste and experience of physically drinking a drink. In recent years we’ve seen a rise in visual stimulation, with the addition of dry ice and colour changing cocktails, but 2017 sensory drinking focuses more on touch and scent.

Incense or vapours are used to transport the drinker to a private island abroad, whilst edible garnishes go beyond the realms of glacier cherries and focus on the sensation of eating in order to heightens the senses.

The re-invented G&T

Now, this may be slightly cheating… Gin has been on our radar for a long time now, but continues to dominate the drinks market. No longer is a classic G&T automatically served with slimline tonic and lemon, instead, the increase in craft and independant gin’s (often flavoured beyond juniper) welcome more inventive, complimentary accompaniments such as lavender, star anise or orange peel to the mix. Mason’s of Yorkshire even have a Yorkshire Tea gin! At Stockdales we’ve carefully paired our gin range with the perfect botanicals to enhance the infusions and satisfy your senses.

With gin festival’s, distillery tours and experiences popping up all over the country, we can’t see the popularity of ‘Mother’s Ruin’ going anywhere soon!

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