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Chef’s Secrets – Our Famous Poached Duck Egg on Sourdough

4th November /

We want to share another one of our chef’s sumptuous secrets with you…

How to create our famous poached duck egg, served on sourdough with sautéed mushrooms and a truffle hollandaise sauce, from the comfort of your own home. 

Perfect as a decadent breakfast or starter, our poached duck egg is the ultimate winter indulgence for anyone looking to upgrade their usual egg on toast routine. 

For this recipe, you will need –

For the Truffle Hollandaise:

300ml Egg Yolk
1kg Unsalted Butter
75ml Hollandaise Reduction
1 Pinch of Salt
10ml Truffle Oil

For the Reduction:

500ml White Wine Vinegar
1 Tbsp Black Peppercorns
1 Bunch Tarragon
1 Pinch Salt
Lemon Juice from ½ a Lemon

And to Complete the Dish:

1 Slice Toasted Sourdough
120g Sauteéd Mixed Wild Mushroom Slices
1 Soft Poached Duck Egg
Pea Shoots

Step 1

Begin by cooking your reduction. This is easy to do, simply boil all of your ingredients together, and reduce your mixture down by 50%. To make your truffle hollandaise sauce, start by clarifying your butter in a saucepan. Then, whisk your egg yolk, reduction and salt in a bowl over a bain-marie, to make a sabayon. 

Slowly add the clarified butter to the sabayon, bit by bit. Remove the bowl from over the bain-marie so as not to overheat the mixture, and whisk the mixture until it has the texture of mayonnaise. To finish, whisk in the truffle oil. 

Step 2

Sautée the mushrooms in butter, adding salt and pepper to taste, whilst toasting your sourdough bread and soft poaching a duck egg. 

Step 3

To serve, top your sourdough bread with the mushrooms, followed by the poached duck egg and truffle hollandaise. If you have a small blow torch for cooking at home, use this on top of the hollandaise sauce, and garnish with the pea shoots.

Et voila! A delicious poached duck egg on sourdough, with sautéed mushrooms and truffle hollandaise sauce – a mouthwatering treat.

Enjoy – and remember, it’s a secret! 

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